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Xbox One X Repair – No Signal/Black Screen of Death

The most common Xbox One X issue in our repair shop is a lack of signal. If you’re having this issue, keep reading to find out what’s causing it and what you can do about it, including a do-it-yourself fix or sending it in to get repaired. Let’s get started…

The Xbox One X Black Screen of Death or No Signal issue can manifest itself in several ways:

When the Xbox One X console is connected to the television, the screen will either be completely black or fade to blue before returning to black.

When the Xbox One X  is connected to the display, a message such as “Game console (is it on?)” or something similar will appear on the screen.

This issue is typically caused by a malfunctioning hard drive or an HDMI issue, with either the HDMI port being destroyed or one of the motherboard’s necessary processors failing to function correctly. However, the issue could also be caused by a damaged or dirty HDMI cable, so exercise caution before repairing the console.

If your console is not receiving a signal, try the following steps first:

  1. Ensure your HDMI cord is fully inserted into both the television and the console.
  2. Examine the HDMI cord at both ends for damage or dirt, then clean it thoroughly if necessary.
  3. Try another HDMI cord that you know works, or if you only have one, plug in a separate console to check whether it works.
  4. Inspect the HDMI port to see if it is dusty or has anything trapped in it, then carefully clean it out if necessary.

Make sure the HDMI port is not loose.

If you’ve followed the procedures above and your console still doesn’t have a signal, the hard drive or one of the HDMI components probably has to be replaced.

It’s complicated to test the hard disk and HDMI components. If you are unsure about opening your Xbox One X console and lack the appropriate tools and parts, hiring a professional may be better.

Xbox One X Hard Drive Evaluation

Remove the Xbox’s top cover first by unscrewing the two screws in the back, then the lengthy screws from the case. Following that, remove the ribbon cable and the bottom cover. Remove screws in this manner until the power board, and top plate can be lifted free.

Connect a known working hard drive to the motherboard and the console. To access the hard drive, lift the disc drive up and out of the way. Separate the hard drive wire from the motherboard carefully before removing the hard disk from the console. Remove the hard drive’s hard disk connector from the motherboard and set it aside.

Finally, reconnect the console’s power button and the television. Switch on the console to verify that the TV receives the correct feed. (Please keep in mind that if the Xbox software is not installed on the hard drive, the display will display an error.)

HDMI Component Testing on the Xbox One X

To test the HDMI components, it is necessary to remove the motherboard, which entails the disassembly of all other components. First, remove the disc drive, fan, power supply, and hard drive. Remove the four screws from the metal case on the bottom and lift out the motherboard. Remove the X clamp and heat sink to uncover the HDMI port and associated components.

Examine the HDMI port to confirm it is secure and that none of the pins connecting it to the motherboard are missing. Additionally, inspect for evident liquid damage.

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