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Xbox One S Repair

Despite the similarities between the Xbox One S and the original console, there are a few significant differences. Every time a new version of a game system is out, there is a greater chance of it having issues because it is so fresh. Regardless of whether or not this is the case, we can still fix the problem! It’s nice to have the power supply integrated into the console itself.

Here are a few of the most typical issues with the console we have found. 

Not reading discs

If you insert a disc into your Xbox One S and hear it spin up, but nothing appears on the screen, or the disc says it can’t be read, it may require a new laser. Like the original Xbox One, these Blu-ray drives can have mechanical issues.

HDMI port problems

These consoles include HDMI ports that fail, but they aren’t as prevalent as the original PS4. 

It’s hard to know for sure whether the ports are weak or if users of the console are hard on them by jamming the HDMI cable into it, but we see quite a few consoles with broken HDMI ports. The HDMI cable is often pushed back into the port when consoles are dropped or fall from the desk they are resting on, causing the port to come loose from the motherboard. A new HDMI port must be installed in its place of the old one to resolve this issue.

Hard drive issues

Error codes such as E201, E101, and the like are frequently the result of a corrupted or malfunctioning hard disk. It’s also possible to see a green screen of death (the television shows a green beginning screen), no display, game freezes, etc., which signal prospective complicated disk troubles. These consoles’ hard drives can’t be swapped out as quickly, unlike laptop computers. Microsoft does not supply the necessary system software for users to install on their computers.

Won’t turn on

In contrast to the original, the Xbox One S is powered by an internal power supply. This power supply may be the problem, but it might also be the power button, the RF board, or other motherboard components. 

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