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We Provide Expert IT tech support and problem-solving for all of your technology Issues.

How It Works

We make it easy to get your devices and computers repaired. 


Select the services you are looking for on our site and book remote or in-home services within minutes.


One of our technicians will connect to your machine remotely or we will dispatch a IT support tech to your location.


We fix your device and ensure it’s working again. We stand behind all of our work and take pride in the quality of our service.

Member Protect Subscriptions

We’re excited for you to become a part of the You Broke It, community. Signing up is a breeze and allows you to choose what works best for you and your lifestyle. Begin by deciding whether you want to have a single issue with your device resolved or if you wish to pay a single, low-cost monthly price for unlimited access to a professional tech anytime a problem arises.




This package covers a single device. With Virus software.




Single device covered with backups and virus software.





Two devices are covered with backups and virus software.

Family Plan



Five devices were covered with virus software and backups.