Remote Computer Tuneup

Remote Computer Tuneup


1. Buy the Service and schedule an online appointment.
2. Run a file to connect a certified technician during the appointment.
3. Relax, we’re working on it.
*Note we will only fix one issue related to this service.

Get your computer tuned up for just $99.99!

Have you ever found yourself wondering why your computer was functioning so slowly? Understandably, this is a frustrating situation and it is obvious you’ll be looking for answers. If your computer is functioning slowly, the technicians at You Broke It will clean the system and make it run as if you’ve just bought it. Sometimes even newly purchased computers can get bogged down with unwanted programs and unnecessary files.

The services include –

  • Perform defragmentation and system cleanup
  • Increased speed and better performance of your computer
  • Cleanup physical hardware
  • Get rid of unnecessary files and unwanted programs
  • You’ll be applied extra charges if virus removal is needed though you will still be notified.
  • Depending on your request’s nature, you will be offered install support via You Broke It Now! online assistance. You will be provided with an agent who will create a secure connection and troubleshoot the issue on your computer in front of you.


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