Computer Repair & Help

Computer Repair & Help


1. Buy the Service and schedule an online appointment.
2. Run a file to connect a certified technician during the appointment.
3. Relax, we’re working on it.
*Note we will only fix one issue related to this service.

Computer Repair & Help

Is your computer not working properly? You Broke It is an American computer repair service company that you can rely upon and get your computer up and running smoothly. The experts at You Broke It will solve unfriendly hard drives, uncooperative software, and frustrating issues on both Windows and Mac operating systems. With You Broke It computer services, your computer is in safe hands.

The services include –

  • Diagnose and troubleshoot any computer-related issues (Note that if you want to request any additional services that weren’t included in your original request when you’re on-site will result in extra charges).
  • Depending on your request, the experts will offer you instant support through “You Broke It Now!” online assistance. An agent will get in touch with you and create a secure connection to your computer before troubleshooting the issue right before your eyes.


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