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About You Broke It?

Our Origin Story: The Great Phone Fumble

Once upon a time, in the bustling city of Pixelburg, where Wi-Fi signals danced through the air like caffeinated fireflies, there lived a man named Jay AKA “Butterfingers” . Jay was an ordinary guy with extraordinary clumsiness. His life was a series of mishaps, each more spectacular than the last.

One fateful Tuesday morning, Jay embarked on his usual routine: juggling three coffee cups (because one cup is for amateurs) and an everything bagel (because plain bagels are so last century). As he strutted down the sidewalk, his phone—a sleek, glass-and-metal marvel—rested precariously in his back pocket.

Now, let’s pause for dramatic effect. Imagine slow-motion coffee spills, bagel crumbs suspended mid-air, and Jay’s phone slipping out of his pocket like a secret agent on a mission. Cue the gasps from nearby pigeons.


The phone hit the pavement, its screen shattering into a kaleidoscope of misery. Jay stared at the fractured masterpiece, his heart sinking faster than a dropped call. But instead of despair, a spark ignited within him—a spark fueled by equal parts caffeine and stubbornness of not wanting to pay high prices for a repair.

Jay had an epiphany: “Why cry over spilled coffee when I can turn this shattered screen into a business opportunity?”

And so, armed with determination and a quirky sense of humor, Jay founded You Broke It. .

The Birth of You Broke It

in 2015 Jay assembled a team of repair wizards—eccentric souls who spoke in puns, wore mismatched socks, and believed that laughter could heal even the most shattered screens. They set up shop on Giggles Lane, next to the pun store (because synergy, right?). Now at 144 College avenue. Waterville, Maine.

The sign outside reads: “You Broke It: Where Phones Get a Second Chance. Customers drawn by the promise of expert repairs and guaranteed laughs. Jay’s technicians danced around the workbenches, wielding tiny screwdrivers and witty one-liners.

And thus, You Broke It became more than a repair shop. It became a refuge for the phone-weary, a place where cracked screens transformed into epic comeback stories. Jay’s team didn’t just fix phones; they sprinkled them with laughter, love, and a touch of absurdity.

So, dear reader, the next time your phone takes a nosedive or decides to swim in your morning coffee, remember You Broke It. Because life’s too short for boring repairs. And who knows? Maybe your cracked screen will become the canvas for the next digital masterpiece.

And that, my friends, is how a clumsy coffee enthusiast turned adversity into a business—and a darn good story.

Welcome to You Broke It. Where every repair begins with a smile.