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Let a professional electronics technician handle your tech problems in Waterville, ME

There are few things as cruel as buying a new phone only for the screen to crack soon after. Even worse is having your laptop or computer suddenly break down from a bad battery or terrible loading speeds. When your technology is on the fritz, turn to You Broke IT? in Waterville, ME for quality phone and computer repair services. Our professional electronics technician has 20+ years of experience in repairing, replacing or upgrading faulty technology.

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Make Broken Screens a Thing of the Past

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Why choose us?

It's important to know that your device is in good hands when you need repairs of any kind. Here are just a few reasons you can trust our professional electronics technician with your computer or phone:

We're experienced.
Owner Jay Coelho has 20+ years of experience in operating a successful IT company.

We're fast.
Our free diagnostics take just 15 to 20 minutes, and our repair services can be as quick as 24-48 hours.

We're quality.
We keep high-quality parts in stock, allowing us to return your device better than when you left it.

Get your device up and running again when you reach out to us for quality phone and computer repair services.

We sell parts that you need

If you're looking to buy your own parts for a device, You Broke It? has got you covered. We sell quality parts for any device that we repair. If your rig or phone is special and needs a touch only you can give it, get in contact with us to secure the battery, screen or charging port that it needs.

Not sure if we carry what you need? Reach out to our professional electronics technician in Waterville, ME to find out more about our stock.