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So that 500 Gigger in your PS4 is too small? Well don't fret. Go to amazon and buy a 2TB SATA HDD. Once you install it (There are a ton of YouTube videos out there if you need one) remember, your new HDD will need to be initialized. What you need to do is go download the UPDATE.PUP file. There are two types and they are both named the same so dont be confused. The best way to figure out if you have the right one is by the file size. As of 7/19/2016 the filesize for the correct one is over 800MB. The wrong one is something like 237MB. 


Once you get the right file, plug a flash drive into the computer. Go to the flash drive, and make a folder labled "PS4" without the "'s. Inside that file you need one labled UPDATE. Inside that folder once thats complete, copy and paste the UPDATE.PUP file. Now the tricky part.

1. Insert the flash drive into one USB port and your controller into the other

2. Turn your PS4 OFF (I recommend unplugging the power to make sure this is done)

3. Push and hold the power button. It will beep once right away, indicating its turned on....Keep holding the button down for around 7 or 8 seconds you should hear another beep. Let go.

4. After a minute your PS4 will start up in Safe mode. You'll have a bunch of options, but one you need is [Initialize PS4 (Reinstall System Software)]. It will then go through the motions. 

IF you get an error message that says THE UPDATE FILE CANNOT BE USED. (CE-34788-0) that means you downloaded the incorrect UPDATE.PUP

VPN's. Building on the last blog about 3CX, and productivity and saving costs, the next thing I am going to talk about is VPN's. Its very tech-geeky, and I was going to go into this long convoluted explanation about it, only to realize you would probably glaze over this and fall asleep. Long story short, you have Location A and Location B. Normally when you're at Location A, you cant print to Location B printers or access data from Location B. This would allow you to do this.


To make matters even better, if you're using a 3CX phone system, we can make Location A and Location B share a phone system. I set up a configuration a year or so back where there was an oil servicing company. They had 3 locations, hours apart. They could dial each others extensions and intercom like they were in the same building. Doing this allowed ONE phone bill for the entire company. It saved them thousands a month, because of the fact that they had a digital phone system, they weren't tied to lines anymore either!



If this or the 3CX system is anything you would like to try, give us a call, we can chat and tell you where we can help!

3CX  - What does that mean to you? That means productivity, reliability, proven, constant. Those are some of the words used to describe the on premise PBX known as 3CX. We are a certified reseller, and we'd love to help you out! Whether you’re a coffee shop in Waterville, taking some quick calls about your hours or you’re a appliance repair company in Gray, with two or three different locations. We don’t only help you save money, but we help your productivity. Not only can 3CX help combine your locations, but we can do things such as giving you an automated assistant and “follow me”, where both your desk phone and cell phone both ring! Giving you the ability to leave the office, and not miss a call. Let us know what we can do for you!